Summary of Impact in 2016

  • We gave a hand up to 62 families complete 35 home improvement projects.
  • Of the homeowners assisted , 20 were over 65 years of age. 7 homeowners are Veterans or widows of Veterans.
  • Most of the homeowners are living on Social Security as their only source of income making it difficult to afford  needed home repairs.
  • Homeowner Project-  Phil a WWII veteran and his wife moved to the Fargo Area in 1994 to finish raising the suggest of their seven children in a safe environment. they have lived in their 1904 home for over 22 years. Its debilitated siding was not only an eyesore to their neighbors but a health and safety hazard  due to the potential for pest infestation, water leakage, and exposure to the elements.  With no family in the area and a fixed income Phil was unable to make the repairs needed to his home. Fall 2016 rebuilding together was able to add new siding and storm windows to this veterans home.