What We Do

We offer home repair and renovation services; FREE of charge to low income families across Cass and Clay County. Many live in substandard conditions and the need continues to grow as more homeowners are forced to choose between vital necessities and critical home repair and maintenance.

We serve the hundreds of low income families in need of home repair with an emphasis on helping seniors, Veterans and people living with disabilities. Our goal is to help homeowners stay safe and healthy in their home by completing 30-50 projects each year.


Green Program:

provides safe, healthy, and ecofriendly repairs and restorations assisting low-income homeowners to decrease energy spending while revitalizing older neighborhoods. The green program includes: volunteer and contractor-delivered repair or replacement of essential systems such as HVAC, water heaters, green appliances, siding, windows, and weatherization.


Handy- Man Program:

creates healthier, more livable homes by providing volunteer and/ or contractor delivered repairs including:  yard-work, cleaning, installing flooring, patching and painting, electrical, plumbing, landscaping, and almost anything that restores the homeowners’ independence, safety and security.

Roof Program:  

provides contractor delivered roofing repair and replacements to create dry well ventilated homes.

Safe at Home Program:

provides volunteer-delivered safety, fall prevention, and entrance access modifications for older adults or those living with a disability so that they can continue to live in safety and independence in their own homes.