Meet Our Board President and Founding Member Tom Newberger


Tom became involved with Rebuilding Together before it was even a local organization.  He has known Russ Richards (our executive director) for years. While Russ was working for Habitat for Humanity, the two started brainstorming on how to keep people in their homes rather than building them new ones.   Many discussions where held while kayaking and over lunches.  Russ did some research and found Rebuilding Together.  In 2010 they  processed all the paper work with the IRS and State of North Dakota to become a legal entity.  They raised funds, assembled the Board of Directors, worked on many projects together, and really got the organization off the ground.  During this time frame, few funds were available and all the money RT had went to projects to support people and to keep them in their homes.  No pay was given to Russ at first.  Through Russ’s contacts and commitment Rebuilding Together today has three staff, many volunteers, and has kept over 120 area residents in their homes by making them livable.  The impact we have on people’s lives is huge and we need to keep expanding our services ; too many people in the Fargo-Moorhead area and beyond need our help.