Meet Hank and his wife just one of the many veterans we serve each year!

Hank a 95 year young WWII veteran has seen a lot in his lifetime. He was there when the Americans stormed Normandy and liberated prison camps, he watched man land on the moon, and celebrated entering a new millennium. Hank and his wife have lived in their little old south Fargo home for 58 years.  Living, working, and raising their children in the Fargo community. As with many senior citizens Hank and his wife struggle with making ends meet on social security and a small pension. One of their children found out about the work Rebuilding Together does and filled out an application for her parents to try and get the roof of their aging home repaired writing” (mom and dads) biggest hope is getting help with their roof”.  In March of this year that hope was made a reality with the generous support of the Fargo-Moorhead community.