May 2017 Workbench

May 2017 Issue

Homeowner Spotlight :

Carol came to the Rebuilding Together in April of this year in need of help in replacing the leaking water heater in her home. Carol  grew up in the same Moorhead residence she resides in today. She inherited her home from her parents upon their death. Her house means the world to her, it is the only place she wants to live. She has needed help keeping up her home for some time as her social security income does not allow for expensive home repairs. She was very worried that the water damage caused by the leaking water heater would create mold and urgently needed a new one. She also had no idea how to find a replacement for her 1975 under the sink water heater. She was so relieved to hear that Rebuilding Together would be able to help her with this. Much to her surprise Rebuilding Together was able to find an appropriate updated version that would work in Carols home. With the help of  a few great volunteers  this new water heater will help keep this area senior in the  safe and healthy home she loves.


2017 projects are in full swing. We are in need of home sponsors and volunteers to meet the needs of the 35 plus homeowners who are currently awaiting safe and healthy home repairs. If you are interested in making a difference in  the lives of others  call our office and   find out how you can help  in 2017 701-356-7836.